• Torrente Iragna
    Torrente Iragna Ticino | Svizzera :: ph. Lorenzo Cociani
  • Volarja Canyon
    Volarja Canyon Tolmin | Slovenia :: ph. Michele Zanin
  • Torrente Baes
    Torrente Baes Brescia | Italia :: ph. Ugo Peroglio
  • Barrosas Canyon
    Barrosas Canyon Flores | Azzorre :: ph. Anna Custo
  • Val Progero
    Val Progero Ticino | Svizzera :: ph. Mirko Antonioli
  • Otxi Mdinare
    Otxi Mdinare Colchide | Georgia :: ph. Francesco Radicchi
  • Valle Usella
    Valle Usella Verbania | Italia :: ph. Roberto Schenone
  • Val Bianca
    Val Bianca Domodossola | Italia :: ph. Paolo Giannelli
  • Torrente Casenda
    Torrente Casenda Sondrio | Italia :: ph. Mirco Rossi
  • Rio San Matteo
    Rio San Matteo Brescia | Italia :: ph. Ugo Peroglio
  • Gole del Raganello
    Gole del Raganello Cosenza | Italia :: ph. Luca D'Alba
  • Fosso Pito
    Fosso Pito Ascoli Piceno | Italia :: ph. Pietro Torellini
  • Rio Sarcerei
    Rio Sarcerei Nuoro | Italia :: ph. Emanuele Nurra
  • Rio di Foppiano
    Rio di Foppiano Verbania | Italia :: ph. Erwin Kob
  • Gocta Falls
    Gocta Falls Bongarà | Perù :: ph. Nitu Moreno
  • Rio Margherita
    Rio Margherita Bolzano | Margherita :: ph. Erwin Kob
  • Torrente Saitta
    Torrente Saitta Messina | Italia :: ph. Michele Di Bella
  • Ogliana Quarata
    Ogliana Quarata Verbania | Italia :: ph. Guido Armaroli
  • Ha Canyon
    Ha Canyon Creta | Grecia :: ph. Luca Dallari
  • Portela Canyon
    Portela Canyon Creta | Grecia :: ph. Luca Dallari
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I raduni dell'Associazione Italiana Canyoning

Egna/Neumarkt (BZ) | 03 - 11 august 2024



It was 2020 when we first tried to organise the AIC International Meeting in South Tyrol. The pandemic forced us to give up, but the idea of finally bringing the Meeting to those beautiful places and the desire to show its several canyons to the entire canyoning community were still strong and have remained so in the following years.

Thanks to our perseverance, but above all to the determination of our South Tyrolean members, we can finally see this project coming to light.

In 2024 will see the 20th edition of our meeting, an important appointment therefore, which will take place in a new environment that will allow all its participants to test the well-known South Tyrolean hospitality and to confront themselves with canyon still little known, but of unparalleled charm.
The appointment, therefore, is in Egna/Neumarkt from 3 to 11 August for the 20th AIC International Canyoning Meeting.

We are already well on our way and will soon publish more detailed information, you can start organising yourselves!

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Egna/Neumarkt (BZ) | 03 - 11 agosto 2024



Era il 2020 quando per la prima volta tentammo di organizzare il raduno internazionale AIC in Alto Adige. La pandemia ci costrinse a rinunciare, ma l'idea di portare finalmente il Raduno in quei luoghi splendidi e la volontà di far conoscere a tutta la comunità torrentistica i numerosi canyons che lì si trovano erano ancora forti e tali sono rimaste negli anni successivi.

Grazie alla nostra caparbietà, ma soprattutto alla tenacia dei nostri soci altoatesini, finalmente possiamo vedere concretizzato questo progetto.

Quella del 2024 sarà la ventesima edizione del nostro raduno, un appuntamento importante quindi, che si svolgerà in un contesto nuovo che permetterà a tutti i suoi partecipanti di saggiare la rinomata ospitalità sudtirolese e di confrontarsi con itinerari ancora poco conosciuti, ma di ineguagliabile fascino.
L'appuntamento, quindi, è a Egna/Neumarkt dal 3 all’11 agosto per il 20° Raduno Internazionale di Canyoning targato AIC.

Noi siamo già a buon punto e a breve pubblicheremo informazioni più dettagliate, voi cominciate a organizzarvi!

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SAMOLACO | 29 July - 6 August 2023

logo raduno new

It took time, patience and tenacity. We faced difficulties and unforeseen events but in the end we can announce the AIC 2023 International Canyoning Meeting.
We'll return to the charming Valchiavenna, guests of the municipality of Samolaco, to spend nine days full of fun, with dear and old friends in the most beautiful gorges of northern Italy.
Nine days of emotions... endless emotions!

Soon all the details, in the meantime organize your holidays...

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30 July - 7 August 2019 | Moggio Udinese

logo raduno new

Back to Canyoning...
This year's event is extra special for two reasons. The geographical one, because we meet again in Moggio Udinese, a wonderful location in the heart of the Canal del Ferro that had already warmly hosted us in 2016.
The second is definitely more emotional, for a meeting that has never been so long-awaited. After two years without AIC meeting, we are finally back to see us altogether in canyon, from Saturday 30th July to Sunday 7th August, in this canyoning paradise that is Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Special thanks go to the municipality of Moggio Udinese and its administrators for their availability, welcome and support they have always reserved to us, to the organizing committee of the meeting and to all of you who choose to participate.
All the useful information below.
See you in Moggio Udinese!

under the patronage of
Comune di Moggio Udinese

Comune di Moggio

Where and when

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The event will take place from Saturday 30th to Sunday 7th August 2022 and we will be guests of the Municipality of Moggio Udinese, in the province of Udine.
To Google Maps Moggio Udinese follow this link:

map of Moggio Udinese

It will be possible to access the area reserved for us from 08:00 on Saturday 30th July to 24:00 on Sunday 7th August, the deadline by which all available spaces must be vacated.


Torna su

The registration rates of last year have been confirmed, diversified according to whether you are AIC members or not and divided by cost brackets that increase as the starting date of the meeting approaches: those who register first pay less and help the staff economically and logistically.

  • First bracket: until 5/6/2022
    • AIC members: 25 €
    • canyoners: 35 €
    • non canyoners: 16 €
  • Second bracket: from 6/6/2022 till 3/7/2022
    • AIC members: 30 €
    • canyoners: 42 €
    • non canyoners: 16 €
  • Third bracket: from 4/7/2022 onward and at the Meeting
    • AIC members: 35 €
    • canyoners: 50 €
    • non canyoners: 16 €
Online registrations will close on 28/7/2022, after which you will have to register directly in Moggio Udinese.

The registration fee includes:
  • Free access to the meeting areas
  • Place for tents or vans/campers (no service) in the designated areas
  • Guide book to the canyons of the area
  • Dedicated t-shirt of the event
  • Surprise gadget
For “non canyoners”, people who do not practice canyoning, the fee only includes the access to the meeting areas and facilities.

Registration procedure

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To register for the meeting, you must complete the online form and pay the fee within 3 days of registration (for each request, a maximum of 6 people can register).
The online form can be found at this link:

Registration to the AIC Meeting 2022

Attention! Online registrations are open until 28/7/2022.
After this date it will be possible to register only at the meeting, from 30/7/2022 (applying the fees relative to the third period).
We remind you that the registration is automatically accepted with the submission of the form and that the payment guarantees the reservation of free materials. For payment always indicate  the email address used in filling out the online form and as the reason: "AIC Meeting 2022"

In case of issues during registration or payment, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Torna su

The meeting will take place in the municipality of Moggio Udinese (UD), spread over different areas.
Below an image of the area of the Meeting (click on the image to enlarge it).

area Raduno 2022

The meeting office and the parking areas, the tents camp and camper areas are accessible via the SP112 (blue arrow); in the town center, near the meeting office, there are the exhibitors area and toilets. At the moment there is no catering service for the entire duration of the meeting, only on the last evening there will be the final dinner of the event.

The meeting office opening hours will be: 7.00-9.15, 17.30-19.30.

The canyons

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  • Lavarie
  • Chiampeit
  • Pissanda
  • Černi Patok / Rio Nero
  • Favarinis
  • Tralba
  • Brezzi
  • Simon
  • Cuestis
  • Belepeit
  • Rio del Mulin
  • Frondizzon
  • Pichions-Vinadia
  • Chiantone
  • Ambruseit
  • Lomming
  • Ronc
  • Macile
  • Patoc
  • Rivis
  • Lis Cladis-Lis Impresis
  • Sbrici
  • Malimberg
  • Pliz
  • Torto
  • Leale
  • Cosa
  • Foce
  • Viellia
  • Ciolesan
  • Ciol de Pes
  • Ciorosolin
  • Stuet
  • Zemola


Torna su

Inside the area, technical equipment stands will be open every day from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

Contacts and info

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For any information concerning the meeting, both for canyoners and exhibitors, contact Seba or Cristian:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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30 luglio - 7 agosto 2022 | Moggio Udinese


Back to Canyoning...

Il nostro è un doppio ritorno. Quello geografico, perché ci reincontriamo nuovamente a Moggio Udinese, stupenda località nel cuore del Canal del Ferro che già ci aveva calorosamente ospitati nel 2016.
Il secondo decisamente più emotivo, per un raduno mai così tanto atteso. Dopo due anni senza Raduno AIC, torniamo finalmente a vederci in forra, da sabato 30 luglio a domenica 7 agosto, in questo paradiso torrentistico che è il Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Un ringraziamento particolare va rivolto al comune di Moggio Udinese ed ai suoi amministratori per la disponibilità, l’accoglienza ed il supporto che ci hanno sempre dimostrato, al comitato organizzatore del raduno e a tutti voi che sceglierete di partecipare.
Di seguito tutte le informazioni utili.
Ci vediamo a Moggio Udinese!

con il patrocinio di
Comune di Moggio Udinese

Comune di Moggio


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