• Valle Usella
    Valle Usella Verbania | Italia :: ph. Roberto Schenone
  • Fosso Pito
    Fosso Pito Ascoli Piceno | Italia :: ph. Pietro Torellini
  • Gocta Falls
    Gocta Falls Bongarà | Perù :: ph. Nitu Moreno
  • Portela Canyon
    Portela Canyon Creta | Grecia :: ph. Luca Dallari
  • Lodrino inferiore
    Lodrino inferiore Ticino | Svizzera :: ph. Roberto Schenone
  • Torrente Saitta
    Torrente Saitta Messina | Italia :: ph. Michele Di Bella
  • Takamaka Canyon
    Takamaka Canyon Ile de la Réunion :: ph. Manuel Aragón
  • Torrente Saitta
    Torrente Saitta Messina | Italia :: ph. Michele Di Bella
  • Torrente Casenda
    Torrente Casenda Sondrio | Italia :: ph. Mirco Rossi
  • Volarja Canyon
    Volarja Canyon Tolmin | Slovenia :: ph. Michele Zanin
  • Val Progero
    Val Progero Ticino | Svizzera :: ph. Mirko Antonioli
  • Rio Sarcerei
    Rio Sarcerei Nuoro | Italia :: ph. Emanuele Nurra
  • Ha Canyon
    Ha Canyon Creta | Grecia :: ph. Luca Dallari
  • Gole del Raganello
    Gole del Raganello Cosenza | Italia :: ph. Luca D'Alba
  • Rio Margherita
    Rio Margherita Bolzano | Margherita :: ph. Erwin Kob
  • Bras Rouge
    Bras Rouge Ile de la Réunion :: ph. Federico Maggiani
  • Clue d'Amen
    Clue d'Amen Alpes-Maritimes | Francia :: ph. Manuela Esposito
  • Val Progero
    Val Progero Ticino | Svizzera :: ph. Mirko Antonioli
  • Val Bianca
    Val Bianca Domodossola | Italia :: ph. Paolo Giannelli
  • Ogliana Quarata
    Ogliana Quarata Verbania | Italia :: ph. Guido Armaroli
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Canyoning: sport and adventure!

Yell it like a slogan or savor it for its meaning: for us canyoning is all there is in between.
Something personal, something technical, or simply a concept.
No matter what's your take on this activity you'll still be practicing the most rewarding mountain-related sport.

Besides the "no limits", the personal intimate experience, and the adrenaline naturally associated with this activity, the Raduno we would like to create starts from the magic of a group dynamics, the water... going with its flow...

While you can practice canyoning alone or with your usual friends, this is THE opportunity to be among alike people from all over Europe, to be able to share stories of rivers, images and thoughts.
Bring, share, take, things and feelings.

Right now, in the background, can you hear the faint rumble of the waterfall?
Get closer to the edge, your feet glued to the ground, the misty breeze on your face...
The pool is over there, emerald green...

This year the invitation to jump comes from Odissea Canyoning (the organizing club), the playground is provided by the fantastic triangle between Lario, Valtellina, and Chiavenna.
But the content and the proposals come from you.

Mixed outings, themed roundtables, round the clock projections, contests, gymkhanas: shall we try?

Delebio, year 2012.


organizzato da:
Odissea Naturavventura

Locandina del raduno

Locandina del raduno 2012

grazie a:
Comune di Delebio

Logo del Comune di delebio

Proloco di Delebio

Comunità Montana Valtellina

di Morbegno

Logo Comunità Montana Valtellina di Morbegno
Provincia di Sondrio

Provincia di Sondrio
Bacino Imbrifero Montano

BIM Adda
Consorzio turistico
Porte di Valtellina

Porte di Valtellina


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The event will take place from Saturday August 4th till Sunday August 12th 2012 and the Delebio village will host us, in the Sondrio province, at the gate of Valtellina.

To Google-map Delebio follow this link:
Delebio  map

The headquarters will be at the green area in via Benedetto Cairoli, for a detailed map plus some logistics information use this link:
detailed map

We will have access to our dedicated area from Saturday 4th at 8am till Sunday 12th at noon, by then we need to clear up the areas kindly offered to us for the Raduno.


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Like in the past years we have incremental registration fees, earlier registration is cheaper and helps economically and logistically the organization team.

  • First group: before June 17th
    • AIC members and foreigners: 32 €
    • Non AIC members: 45 €
    • Non canyoners: 16 €
  • Second group: from June 18th to July 15th
    • AIC members and foreigners: 38 €
    • Non AIC members: 50 €
    • Non canyoners: 16 €
  • Third group: rom July 16th onward
    • AIC members and foreigners: 42 €
    • Non AIC members: 55 €
    • Non canyoners: 16 €


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To register for the Raduno you need to fill out the online form and pay the dues within 3 days from the registration. Follow these instructions:

online registration

Attention! The online registrations are open until July 27th 2012.
After this date you'll be able to register only at the event from August 4th (with the third group rates).
Reminder: to complete the registration you have THREE days to pay your dues.

If you couldn't complete the payment procedure after registration, please follow this link:

payment instructions


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Projection of the daily photos taken by the participants and canyoning videos: from 8pm at the main tent.
Evening on the theme: "Emergencies in canyoning" organized by Nanni Pizzorni: analysis of accident causes, how to handle them as a team as well as when interacting with professional rescuers. The event will include images and videos describing real situations. At the end there will be the opportunity to join an open discussion on the topic reviewed.
Other events are in the works and will be communicated as soon as possible.


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The tents field is on a green area in Via Benedetto Cairoli, click here for a detailed map with some logistics information.
The camper and van parking will be near the tents field.
At 100m from the tents field there's the car parking.
By the tents field you find also an infrastructure serving as kitchen-bar and a spacious pavilion with a large seating capacity, where the participants can enjoy the local delicious food served by the Ristorante Domingo.

From 7:30 to 9:30: "The Canyoner Breakfast".

If you want to see an example of breakfast menu and dinner click here.

Next to the kitchen there is a small service bathroom.

At just 150m from the tents area, in Via S. Giovanni Bosco, there's the local gym where we will have access to the locker rooms bathrooms and showers.

In the gym there is also a room for possible meetings/presentations.



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Il Capretto via Stelvio - Località Isola -23018 Talamona (SO)
Tel. +39.0342.67.17.96
Hotel Bellevue via Statale 33 - 23013 Cosio Valtellino (SO)
Tel. +39.0342.63.51.08 - 63.51.07 - 63.72.70
Hotel Margna via Margna 36 - 23017 Morbegno - (SO)
Tel. +39.0342.610377
20 % of discount to the Raduno participants!
Hotel Margna
Hotel Maloia via Spluga 43 - Località Nuova Olonio - 23015 Dubino (SO)
Tel. +39 0342.687936
La Ca' Vegia Via al Piano 15 - San Cassiano - Valchiavenna (SO)
Tel. +39.338.43.68.896
- Camere
- Appartamentini
- Distributore latte fresco
- Negozio prodotti aziendali
- Noleggio biciclette
- Visite azienda agricola
Agriturismo La Ca' Vegia - Locandina
Nonna Gemma B & B a soli 200 metri dal campo tende del raduno
Via Vittorio Emanule II 2/B - 23014 Delebio (SO)
Tel. +39.331.50.32.220
- Parcheggio privato
- Centro benessere
- Utilizzo cucina per bambini
Prezzo al giorno per torrentista 35 € invece di 50 €!
B&B Nonna Gemma
Camping Poncione Via Poncione 2 - 22010 Sorico (CO)
Tel. +39.335.82.36.004
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Campeggio Pncione



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Domingo via Carcano 1 - 23014 Delebio (SO)
Tel. +39.0342.68.53.20. - 340.09.51.184
Logo Ristorante Domingo
Ristop via Nazionale 1394 - 23014 Piantedo (SO)
Tel. +39.0342.68.32.76
Il Capretto via Stelvio - Località Isola - 23018 Talamona (SO)
Tel. +39.0342.67.17.96
"Dunadiv" Località "Donadivo" - Gordona (SO) 23020  
Antica Osteria Rapella via Margna 36 - 23017 Morbegno - (SO)
Tel. +39.0342.615114
10 % of discount to the Raduno participants!
Osteria Rapella
Il Capriccio
Spaghetteria pizzeria ristorante
Wednesdays closed
via Stelvio 197 - 23017 Morbegno (SO)
Tel. +39.0342.61.15.38
Val Codera Località Giavere – 23025 Novate Mezzola (SO)
Tel. +39.340.08.32.232
- Uscite turistiche in barca
- Noleggio canoe e imbarcazioni
- Uscite a pesca
- Visite guidate
Val Codera Agriturismo
La Ca' Vegia Via al Piano 15 - San Cassiano - Valchiavenna (SO)
Tel. +39.338.43.68.896
- Ristorante
Agriturismo La Ca' Vegia - Locandina
Continental Via Nazionale Nord, 57 – 23823 Colico (LC)
Tel. +39.0341.93.03.17
- Pizzeria
- Paninoteca
- Ristorante
Continental locandina
Bar Caffè San Martino Piazza San Mrtino 14 - Gordona (SO)
- Colazioni
- Pass per la strada consortile della Val Bodengo
Bar San Martino - Gordona



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Province of Sondrio

  • Bodengo 1, 2, 3

  • Bondasca

  • Bondone

  • Casenda

  • Cervio

  • Cormor

  • Cascate del Ferro

  • Lesina

  • Madrasco

  • Mengasca

  • Pilotera

  • Armisa

  • Caronella

  • Lemma

  • Malgina

  • Masino

  • Pedena

  • Rogna

  • Val Piccola

  • Lanterna

  • Mello

  • Forcola

  • Venina

  • Livrio

  • Bomino

  • Ranciga

Province ofo

  • Acquaduro

  • Val Boazzo - Torrente Caldone

  • Esino Superiore

  • Esino Inferiore - Orrido di Vezio

  • Val Monastero

  • Gallavesa

  • Legnone

  • Moregallo

  • Forra di Morterone

  • Rasga

Province of Como

  • Bares

  • Camoggia

  • Val Darengo - Torrente Borgo

  • Lirone

  • Perlana

  • Cairo

  • Val Cavargna - Torrente Cuccio

  • Giuf

  • Rezzo

  • Santa Giuli



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The above list is not definitive since some of these canyons might become restricted, flooded, or be altered in such a way to become inaccessible.
We encourage the participants to check the updated list of canyons posted by the staff directly at the event.


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Equipment sale booths (our sponsors) will be hosted inside the local gym from 5pm to 9pm. The cost of each booth/slot for the salesman is €200, including the cost of the registration to the event. The responsibility against any loss or damage to the exposed merchandise lies entirely with the owners.



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Logo Kong


Latteria Sociale Valtellina - Delebio

Lateria Alto Lario

Logo Liod

 Logo Vertigini Sport  Logo Sport Land
Logo Il Buranchetto  Biglietto carrozzeria Valter  Logo Rodcle
Scritta Repetto Sport Credito Valtellinese  

At the stand "Sport Land" you can buy the new shoes Adidas Hydro Pro.

Adidas Hydro Pro


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For any information related to the Raduno (regarding canyoning or the merchandise sale) please contact:

Giorgio Mauri

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
During the Raduno this number will be made available: +39.320.74.36.820.
The reception will be open from August 4th to August 11th from 8am till noon and from 4pm to 7pm.

Translation by Anna Custo.
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