• Torrente Iragna
    Torrente Iragna Ticino | Svizzera :: ph. Lorenzo Cociani
  • Rio Sarcerei
    Rio Sarcerei Nuoro | Italia :: ph. Emanuele Nurra
  • Gole del Raganello
    Gole del Raganello Cosenza | Italia :: ph. Luca D'Alba
  • Barrosas Canyon
    Barrosas Canyon Flores | Azzorre :: ph. Anna Custo
  • Fosso Pito
    Fosso Pito Ascoli Piceno | Italia :: ph. Pietro Torellini
  • Gocta Falls
    Gocta Falls Bongarà | Perù :: ph. Nitu Moreno
  • Gole del Raganello
    Gole del Raganello Cosenza | Italia :: ph. Luca D'Alba
  • Bras Rouge
    Bras Rouge Ile de la Réunion :: ph. Federico Maggiani
  • Otxi Mdinare
    Otxi Mdinare Colchide | Georgia :: ph. Francesco Radicchi
  • Clue d'Amen
    Clue d'Amen Alpes-Maritimes | Francia :: ph. Manuela Esposito
  • Rio di Foppiano
    Rio di Foppiano Verbania | Italia :: ph. Erwin Kob
  • Volarja Canyon
    Volarja Canyon Tolmin | Slovenia :: ph. Michele Zanin
  • Portela Canyon
    Portela Canyon Creta | Grecia :: ph. Luca Dallari
  • Torrente Casenda
    Torrente Casenda Sondrio | Italia :: ph. Mirco Rossi
  • Val Progero
    Val Progero Ticino | Svizzera :: ph. Mirko Antonioli
  • Val Bianca
    Val Bianca Domodossola | Italia :: ph. Paolo Giannelli
  • Ha Canyon
    Ha Canyon Creta | Grecia :: ph. Luca Dallari
  • Torrente Baes
    Torrente Baes Brescia | Italia :: ph. Ugo Peroglio
  • Valle Usella
    Valle Usella Verbania | Italia :: ph. Roberto Schenone
  • Takamaka Canyon
    Takamaka Canyon Ile de la Réunion :: ph. Manuel Aragón
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Raduno AIC 2015

Here we are, this year as well, with the 13th edition of the annual International Meeting of Canyoning, by AIC.

This year we will be guests of the municipality of Cuorgnè (Turin), from Saturday 15th to Sunday 23rd of August; the base camp will be situated in the Salto hamlet, Cuorgnè, at the entrance of the Orco and Soana valleys, on the Piedmontese side of the granite walls of the Gran Paradiso. The area is located in a strategic position to easily reach the canyons of the Orco, Soana and Forzo valleys, as well as the ones in the nearby Aosta Valley and Val di Susa.

Showing great hospitality, the municipality of Cuorgnè made available to all the participants the areas for tents, campers, services, dining and parking. Adjacent to this area you will find the secretariat, the meeting point and the exhibitor stands.

As usual there will be meetings, workshops, video shows and contests but above all it will be a new opportunity to meet, share, tell about rivers and live the AIC.

See you in Cuorgnè!

Thanks to Comune di Courgnè


Fast links

Where and when
Registration - Rates
Registration procedure
The canyons
Logistical info
Info and contacts


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The Meeting telephone number (to be used for out-of-canyon call, info..) is:

+39 3458851876

Where and when

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The event will take place from Saturday August 15th to Sunday August 23rd 2015 and we will be hosted by the City of Courgné, in the province of Turin, at the foot of the Gran Paradiso. Follow the link here below to view it on Google Maps:

Cuorgnè map

The base camp will be settled at the sports field in the village of Salto, available for tents, toilets and showers. The access to the area will be allowed from Saturday 15th 08:00 am to Sunday 23rd 11:59 am. By then all the areas should be cleared.

Registration - Rates

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This year we re-introduced incremental registration fees: the sooner you sign up the less you pay and, furthermore, you will help economically and logistically the organization staff.
  • First group: before June 14th
    • all canyoners: 35 €
    • non canyoners: 16 €
  • Second group: from June 15th to July 12th
    • all canyoners: 42 €
    • non canyoners: 16 €
  • Third group: from July 13th until the beginning of the meeting
    • all canyoners: 50 €
    • non canyoners: 16 €

Registraion procedure

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To register for the meeting you need to fill out the online form and pay the dues within 3 days from the registration.
Follow these instructions:

online registration

Attention! The online registrations are open until July 31st 2015
After this date you'll be able to register only at the event from August the 15th (with the third group rates).

Reminder: to complete the registration you have 3 days to pay your dues

If you couldn't complete the payment procedure after the registration, please follow this link:

payment methods

The canyons

Torna su

Orco Valley
  • Rio della Pissa
  • Rio Mares
  • Rio Praie 
  • Rio Vallungo (integral)
  • Rio Eugio (integral)
  • Rio Piantonetto
  • Rio Noaschetta (integral)
Soana-Forzo Valley
  • Rio Giasset 
  • Rio Lasin
Va di Susa
  • Rio Sessi
  • Orrido di Foresto
  • Rio Claretto (integral)
  • Rio Marderello (integral)
  • Rio Gioglio
Aosta Valley
  • Bouro
  • Pacoulla
  • Gettaz-Quicord
  • Chalamy (integral)
  • Clavalitè
  • Fer
  • Chasten
  • Comboè
  • Arpisson
  • Liconi
  • Colomba
  • Tenalle/Ayasse - orrido di Hone
 Alto Canavese
  • Renanchio
  • Piovano
  • Chiussuma

Logistical info

Torna su

The meeting will take place in the hamlet of Salto, which is part of the city of Cuorgnè (Turin), the base camp will be settled in the sports field.
Click on the map below to enlarge

Raduno 2015 - area

The sports field can be accessed directly from the provincial road SP 460 Gran Paradiso (blue arrow) or from the village center, past the church (via Asilo). Breakfasts will be managed by the Tiba café, just beside, dinner will be managed by Restaurant-Pizzeria "Da Jacopo" that will make you enjoy the local specialties.
Next to the café (with limited parking), at the local kindergarten, you will find the secretariat, the meeting point and the exhibitor stands.


Torna su

Exhibitors will display their materials in a large hall of a building next to the kindergarten, in the village center.

Hotel and B&B

Torna su

Please call directly the hotels to book your room! Do not use on line booking!

Hotel Astoria
tel +39 (0)124 666001 fax +39 (0)124 657452
e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
single room € 39
double room € 55, with breakfast

B&B Il grillo Bianco
cell. +39 340 2442459  tel +39 (0)124 68643
discount 10% one night e 15% more nights

B&B I sogni fra le stelle
Via del Castello 57, Frazione Salto, Cuorgnè
tel +39 (0)124 651979  cell +39 328 9152706
2 rooms with 2/3 beds with WC and jacuzzi 30€/person
1 single room with WC 30€
1 Apartament with 6/7 beds, kitchen and jacuzzi 120€
with buffet breakfast and Wi-fi free

B&B La Branda
Strada Filia, 43 Castellamonte
cell. 333-2465484
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
1 double room with 15% discount 
See info on www.labranda.net

Info and contacts

Torna su

For any information relating to the meeting, both for canyoners and exhibitors, please contact:

Bruno Camoletto and Ugo Peroglio
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ph. +39 345 8851876

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