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Ossola 2013 - Location and date confirmation

Domodossola (VB)  Piedmont, Italy  |  sat July, 27th - sun August, 4th


Here is the confirmation of the 11th (ELEVENTH!) International Canyoning Meeting by AIC! It will take place in the small city of Domodossola, strategically located in the center of the Ossola valley...

And no doubts about the topic of the gathering: "Gears and Equipment".

The event will be plenty of opportunities and meetings but up to now we won't reaveal too much, leaving you
to the cheerful tinkling of your hardware on your harnesses, and will be waiting for you in this canyoning heaven where every canyoner would like to dwell...

Nonetheless, in a few days the complete webpage on the site will be active, with any kind of information including location, fees, activities program, list of exhibitors and, of course, the chance to sign up online.

THIS is the AIC meeting, beware of imitations!

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